Over the past decade, social media has exploded. Basically, you’re a nobody unless you’re on social media, and the same goes for businesses and the film industry. Films over the years have gone from commercial advertisements and are now integrated the use of social media sites to also help drive awareness of their production. This could include any site: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and etc.

Now, I know I just talked about Batman v Superman in my recent blog, but I have to rant about it again for a minute, because this movie did a fantastic job advertising on social media. Everyone had been planning for this since the film was announced. Approaching closer to the premiere date, there were multiple hashtags that was started: #whowillwin #Batman #Superman. This was supposed to get people talking about what team they were going to side with for the premiere and who they thought was going to win the most highly anticipated fight.

The reason why social media is so important today, is because it has become the most popular and fastest way to provide instant feedback. For other companies, this can immediately show them what improvements their business needs to make. In the film industry, this can show the overall success of the movie and if there is a demand for a sequel. When the premiere of BvS hit theatres, social media BLEW UP. Everyone was posting, retweeting, liking, sharing everything! Twitter even gave the movie its own hashtags with emojis.

That’s another reason why advertising on social media is so important: Word of mouth, or as I like to call it: word of social sharing. The thing about social media is that as soon as you post something, it’s instantly available for potentially anyone to see. So as BvS was becoming so popular and everyone was talking about it, then more people who were reading on social media how good it was, decided that they better go see it too. Social media can be essential in driving sales, and whether it’s a film industry or privately held business, everyone should be on it.



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